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When will my shipment be collected?

Collections within Germany typically occur from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 17:00. The collection usually starts in the early afternoon, after the trucks have delivered the previously loaded goods.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide a more specific pickup time, as it depends on how many customers the driver needs to collect from and how many deliveries were made prior.

Scheduled Pickup Appointments

If you have arranged a scheduled pickup appointment, a specific pickup time will be agreed upon with you before your goods are collected. Please check your tracking information to see if such an arrangement is in place for your shipment, indicated by the additional option "Scheduled Pickup".

Important: Our team will proactively contact you to set up the pickup time, so there's no need for you to reach out to us for scheduling. The planning of the pickup will only commence after the appointment has been confirmed. If you desire an expedited pickup of your goods, we advise against scheduling an appointment.

Driver Notification Option

For many postal codes, we offer a driver notification service. If you have opted for this service, our driver will call you about 30 minutes before arrival to inform you of the impending pickup.

Standard Pickup Duration

In over 90% of cases, pickups can occur at the time specified by the sender. If a pickup cannot be made at the originally specified time due to unforeseen circumstances, we sincerely apologize.

Should there be an issue with your pickup, we will automatically reschedule for the next day and prioritize your shipment. However, in over 90% of cases, such delays do not occur.

During booking, we specify a standard duration, which pertains to delivery. A delayed pickup may slightly shift the standard duration by a day.

Note: With our standard shipping, we specify a longer standard duration so that even if a pickup does not occur, the delivery will still be within the allotted time.

Caution: If your shipment absolutely must be picked up on the specified day, please contact our customer service. We can't predict traffic and weather conditions precisely, but we do consider known construction sites and longstanding issues to assist you as best we can.

Track and Trace – The fastest way to information

The simplest way to check the status of your pickup is through our tracking system. Enter your tracking number and the postal code of the pickup location to get the latest information on your shipment.

Any Questions?

If you experience any problems with your pickup, it's important to us that you can reach out at any time. We will address the issue as quickly as possible and keep you personally informed about the progress of your shipment.

You can contact us via chat or WhatsApp, by email at service@cargoboard.com, or by phone at +49 5251 5329 120.