Can I change my order after booking?

After booking a transport, you can adjust it via our Solution Center. You can choose between various possible changes.

In the Solution Center, select the associated shipment number in the upper area of the screen to access the shipment you want to change.

How can I change the addresses of the shippers or consignees after order?

You can change the address of the shipper or consignee, by simply using the entry form shown.

If you make changes to the addresses, a new label with the correct data will be sent to you automatically.

There are usually no issues, if you change the pickup address by 3 pm on the day before the collection. For later changes, we do our best, but unfortunately cannot guarantee that the address change will take effect in time.

Please note: The new address must not be too far from the previous address. If the item is to be collected at a completely different address, it must be cancelled and re-booked.

You can change the address of the consignee up to the time of collection of your delivery. We will gladly try to implement later changes of the address but cannot guarantee success.

Please note: The new address must not differ too much from the previous address. If the shipment is to be delivered to a completely different address, you must cancel and re-book.

In the event of a change of address, we will automatically change the data in our system and provide you with a new label in your user account.

Can I change my collection date after order?

You can change your collection date free of charge until 8 am on the original collection day. Simply enter the new collection date in the space provided.

How can I change the dimensions and weight of my shipment?

The dimensions and weight of the delivery can be changed until 8 am on the collection day, as long as there are no major discrepancies. If there are significant discrepancies, please contact our service department by telephone. We will then try to solve the issue together.

Please note: Changes in dimensions and weight will affect the cost of the shipment.

Can I cancel my shipment?

You can cancel your groupage freight shipment until 8 am on the day of collection. Simply select the cancellation tab and click on "send".

Please note: If your shipment is transported as LTL/FTL or Direct Load, the cancellation must be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled collection.

Please give us a reason for your cancellation so that we can improve our offer and service.