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Why is my shipment delayed?

At Cargoboard, we work diligently every day to ensure timely and safe delivery of your shipments. However, despite the use of state-of-the-art technology and meticulous planning, delays can occasionally occur. There are several reasons for this.

Complex Logistics in Groupage Freight

In groupage freight transport, your shipment is transported along with the goods of other customers in one truck. During this process, your shipment may be transferred between different vehicles multiple times.

groupage freight diagram

This process offers significant cost benefits but also increases the complexity of logistics. If the day starts with a delay – for example, if a recipient is not present or a shipment is not ready on time – it affects the entire day's schedule. Each subsequent delivery or pickup by this truck is accordingly delayed. This domino effect can result in subsequent shipments not being processed as planned.

External Influences from Weather and Traffic

Traffic: Our logistics network heavily depends on the condition of the traffic infrastructure. Delays caused by construction sites, accidents, or adverse weather are often unpredictable and can significantly extend travel times. Such delays directly affect the punctuality of our deliveries.

Weather Conditions: Heavy rain, snow, or other extreme weather conditions can lead to hazardous driving conditions. In such cases, the safety of our drivers and your shipment is our top priority, which can lead to unavoidable delays.

Note: Particularly in regions experiencing severe weather events, delays are common. For instance, if an area is experiencing widespread flooding, deliveries in that area are severely hindered.

Capacity Constraints Due to Skills Shortage

The freight and logistics sector is increasingly suffering from a shortage of skilled workers. There is a lack of qualified drivers and logistics professionals, which limits capacity and can lead to bottlenecks. If there is not enough staff available or if drivers suddenly become unavailable, schedules must be reorganized. These short-term changes and the increased workload for the remaining staff can cause delays and negatively impact delivery times.

Mistakes Happen

It is important for us to note that mistakes do occur in logistics, and no one acts out of malice. All our employees and partners work hard and reliably to process all shipments. Despite well-run processes and preparations, circumstances that we cannot control may affect your delivery. With nearly 2,000 shipments per day, something can occasionally go wrong – be it due to external factors like traffic jams or mistakes on our part.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. At Cargoboard, we strive to provide the best possible service even under difficult circumstances and meet your expectations. Your trust in us is our most important motivation to continually improve our processes and efficiently overcome challenges.

Any Questions?

Should there be any issues with your shipment, it's particularly important to us that you can contact us at any time.

You can reach us via  Chat or WhatsApp, by email at service@cargoboard.com or by phone at +49 5251 5329 120.