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Why has my shipment not been collected yet?

It may happen that an announced collection of your shipment cannot take place. Such an inconvenience is unpleasant for everyone involved and we do our best to keep the number of such incidents as low as possible.

Whenever there is no collection of your shipment on the scheduled day, we automatically schedule the collection for the following day and prioritise your shipment. In over 90% of cases, however, you will not find yourself in this situation.

If, despite our best efforts, there is a delay in collection, we are sorry. Despite the best possible preparation, we may be faced with circumstances that prevent us from collecting your goods.

Unfortunately, some of these factors are beyond our control. These include traffic volume and accidents, as well as unforeseen problems with loading and unloading the truck.

The collection of shipments usually starts early in the afternoon, after the truck has delivered the loaded goods. If there is a problem with the delivery of a good, it may have an impact on the subsequent collections.

If the truck was not at the pickup location by 5pm, a same-day collection is unlikely, as drivers usually have to be back at the depot between 4-6pm to catch the connecting transports.

Feel free to get in touch if there is any inconvenience. This way we can investigate and work on a solution for the issue as quickly as possible.