What is Cargoboard and what shipping methods and transport services do we offer?

Cargoboard is a freight forwarder with a digital platform and aims to deliver the best possible transport experience to commercial customers.

  1. What are groupage freight shipments?
  2. What is a LTL/FTL?
  3. What is a Direct Load?
  4. What shipping options do I have?
  5. How do I ship with a climate protection contribution?
  6. What additional transport services do we offer?
  7. What is shipping insurance?

Cargoboard simplifies and digitalises the logistics industry through technological progress. Business owners and companies can book shipments across Europe via our platform. Cargoboard is the first point of contact for all your concerns and your contractual partner.

With us, you have the option of sending your goods as groupage freight as well as Direct Load (LTL/FTL). In addition, there is the option of booking Express Direct Loads.

What are groupage freight shipments?

With groupage freight, you share a truck with other shippers. The truck transports not only your goods, but also many other goods.

Your goods do not remain on the same truck during the entire transport, but are transshipped several times. To make transshipment as smooth as possible, it helps to ship your goods well packaged on a pallet.

Sharing a truck with other shippers can result in much lower prices than booking your own.

Here you can find out how to book groupage freight with us.

What is a LTL/FTL?

LTL and FTL are abbreviations and stand for Less Than Truck Load and Full Truck Load.

LTL Transport (Less Than Truck Load)

As the name suggests, a “Less Than Truck Load” is a Direct Load with partial loading of a truck. With Cargoboard, every shipment that is larger than 2.4 loading meters (6 Euro pallets) or weighs more than 3,000 kg counts as a LTL transport. From this size of shipment onwards, it no longer makes sense from a cost perspective to send the shipping as groupage freight . Of course, you can also book Direct Loads for smaller shipments.

FTL Transport (Full Truck Load)

Here, too, the name says it all. With a “Full Truck Load”, your shipment takes up the entire loading area of a truck. With a Full Truck Load, you can send shipments that are up to 13.6 loading meters (34 Euro pallets) and weigh up to 24,000 kg.

You can find out how to book a transport as a Direct Load (LTL/FTL) by clicking here .

What is an Direct Load?

With Express Direct Loads, you book a vehicle that takes your goods from the pickup location to the delivery location as quickly as possible. We offer you a range of different vehicle classes so that we can find the right vehicle for your goods.

Find out all about our Direct Loads here.

What shipping options do I have?

Once you have chosen groupage freight or a Direct Load, you can usually decide between 2 shipping options. In addition to a standard delivery, you have the option of sending your shipment as an premium shipment.

With premium shipping, your shipments are additionally prioritised and tracked so that we can intervene directly if there is an issue.

Premium delivery allows you to set the collection and delivery to a fixed date if you want. Many of our customers use this feature if the collection and/or delivery should not take place on the next day, but a few days in the future. With the premium shipment, we will store your goods for up to 4 days free of charge, if requested.

If you would prefer to book your shipment as an Direct Load, you have another booking opportunity at this point.

How do I ship with a climate protection contribution?

We offer the option of a climate protection contribution for all our shipping methods.

This contribution helps to counter the CO2 emissions caused by the transport of your goods.

Example: For a 150 kg pallet shipped within Germany, the climate protection contribution is 0.49€.

You can find everything about our climate protection contribution here.

What additional transport services do we offer?

In addition to the actual transports, we also offer supplementary services that can improve your shipments:

What is shipping insurance?

On our platform we offer to take care of shipping insurance for you. The cost of the insurance is assessed based on the value of the goods.

Many customers assume that their transport is automatically insured and that you do not need additional insurance. However, the legal forwarder's liability, which many customers regard as shipping insurance, has disadvantages for you as a customer.

In the case of forwarder's liability, it must be ensured that the consignee of your goods checks the shipments thoroughly upon receipt and reports them directly to the truck driver.

Our shipping insurance can act much faster and more accommodating when it comes to your damage compensation.

For more information on shipping insurance and forwarder's liability, click here.

How does customs clearance work with us?

Many customers are initially put off by the subject of customs. If you want to export goods outside the EU, different regulations apply depending on the country of origin and destination. We will gladly take care of export declarations for export customs clearances and import declarations for import customs clearances.

Our aim is to make customs clearance as time-saving and simple as possible for you and thus also to ship your goods as cheaply and quickly as possible.

We would be happy to explain how customs clearance works in detail and how you can book customs clearance via our platform.