How is a bicycle packaged as safely as possible?

Bicycles and e-bikes are diligently shipped by our customers. In order to minimise the risks during shipping, proper and secure packaging for the bicycle is necessary.

We recommend using a bicycle box for shipping bicycles. You can either buy bicycle boxes or ask for them in bicycle shops. Bicycle shops receive bicycles every day and are happy to give away delivery boxes.

To ensure that the bicycle fits into the bicycle box as well as possible, we recommend the following steps:

  • Slightly tighten the screws on the bicycle handlebars and then adjust the handlebars crosswise
  • Dismantle the pedals and secure them to the bike with a tear-proof bag
  • Pad the bike with for example polystyrene or foam to minimise movement in the box
  • Finally, care should be taken to close and fix the entire package with a suitable adhesive tape

What are the particularities of e-bike shipping?

When shipping e-bikes, the same tips apply as when shipping normal bicycles.

In the case of an e-bike, it must also be ensured that the battery is either firmly mounted on the bicycle or attached to it.

Note: The battery must never come loose or lie loose in the bicycle box during transport, as this would make it a transport of dangerous goods. If the battery is firmly mounted or fixed, it is a normal shipment and you do not need to pay any further attention to this regard.

You can find more packaging tips here.