How can I ship dangerous goods?

If you want to ship dangerous goods via Cargoboard, you must indicate it in the booking process.

For the transport of dangerous goods, we require the UN number and the net quantity (without packaging) of the substance in litres or kilograms.

Attention Exception: For batteries, the gross weight (with packaging) must be indicated instead of the net weight.

In addition, the packages must be visibly marked as dangerous goods and classified in the appropriate dangerous goods class. This is the only way to ensure the correct handling during the transport and the correct storage of the goods in the truck.

How do I label my dangerous goods?

The shipments are marked with a danger label and a UN number when dangerous goods are transported by a forwarder. The UN number is a substance number that allows the goods to be identified. The danger label is a label that must be attached to the goods and differs depending on the dangerous goods class. We can provide you with the danger label on request.

Which dangerous goods can be shipped with Cargoboard?

With Cargoboard you can ship various dangerous goods, but not all of them. You can find an overview here:

 Dangerous goods class   Contents   Excluded from transport 

Class 1

Explosive substances and articles


Class 2


UN 1057

Class 3

Inflammable liquid substances

Classification code: D

Class 4.1

Inflammable solids

UN 3221/ 3222

Class 4.2

Spontaneously flammable solids

UN 4127/ 3255

Class 4.3

Substances which form flammable gases with water

UN 3133

Class 5.1

Flammable / oxidising substances

UN 3100/ 3121/ 3137

Class 5.2

Organic peroxides

UN 3101/ 3102 / 3111 to 3120

Class 6.1

Toxic substances

toxic substances of packing group I

Class 6.2

Infectious substances


Grade 7

Radioactive substances and objects


Grade 8

Corrosive substances

UN 1798/ UN 1790

Grade 9

Miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles

UN 3268

As the logistics of transporting dangerous goods is very complicated and subject to strong regulations, we cannot ship dangerous goods that are transported in tanks or in loose fillings. Waste is also generally excluded from transports with Cargoboard. In our General Terms and Conditions, we have specified our transport regulations in more detail.

How much does it cost to ship dangerous goods with Cargoboard?

Shipping dangerous goods with Cargoboard costs additional fees depending on the chosen shipping method . You can easily calculate the total cost of your shipment via our platform . Simply enter the pickup and delivery locations as well as the dimensions and weight of your goods and calculate your transport price without obligation.