Can I send unpackaged goods?

We recommend that all our customers pack their goods securely for transport to prevent damage as far as possible. In exceptional cases, it is possible to send unpacked goods as Direct Loads.

While it is not possible to transport unpacked goods in groupage freight, we do offer you the option of transporting unpacked goods by Direct Load (LTL / FTL) or Express Direct Load.

Please note: Direct Loads differ from groupage freight because there is no transshipment of the goods in transit. The possibility of damage is mainly limited to the one-time loading and unloading of the goods.

Even with unpackaged goods, it must be ensured that the goods weighing 30 kg or more are accessible from underneath with a pallet jack or forklift. In addition, transport safety must be ensured.

Attention: Unpacked goods include both goods that are shipped without any packaging and goods that are only shipped with sales packaging but not with secure transport packaging.

You can find important tips on the correct packaging of your goods here.

If you want to ship your goods unpackaged, it will also have an effect on forwarder's liability and possible shipping insurance. Normally, we will not cover shipping insurance for a shipment with unpacked goods.

All information on shipping insurance and forwarder's liability can be found here.