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Why is a 3-Day Pickup Window shown?

For standard shipping of partial and full truckloads, we schedule a 3-day pickup window. As soon as all the details of your transport are finalized, we will proactively inform you by email.

When you ship your goods as a partial or full truckload with our standard shipping, you can only select a 3-day pickup window. This time frame allows us to plan your transport optimally and cost-efficiently. The flexibility in planning helps us to efficiently coordinate pickup times with our transport resources.

Tip: If you would prefer to select a specific pickup day, you can choose our premium shipping for your next booking.

Once we have finalized all the details of your transport, we will inform you via a separate email about the exact pickup date. At the same time, the pickup date will also be updated in our shipment tracking.

We understand that you would like to have certainty about the details of your shipment as soon as possible. However, to make the process as efficient as possible for everyone involved, we ask that you refrain from making multiple inquiries. We will proactively contact you with all the necessary information as soon as it is available. Your understanding and patience greatly assist us in making the shipping process smooth for you and other customers. Thank you in advance!