How do I package my goods without a pallet?

If you are shipping your goods without a pallet, it is particularly important that your goods are well packaged.

You do not necessarily have to ship a package that weighs less than 30 kg on a pallet. In this case, it is recommended to pack the goods in a cardboard box.

You should ensure that the goods in the box are well padded and that the empty space is filled with filling materials such as polystyrene, foam or packaging chips. In addition, we recommend that you completely wrap the goods packed in the box with bubble wrap.

Finally, make sure that the entire packaging is fixed with a suitable adhesive tape.

If it is not possible to pack the goods in a cardboard box, make sure to wrap the package completely with bubble wrap and then with cardboard packaging. Particularly sensitive corners and edges should be additionally protected with an edge protector or polystyrene.

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