How do I calculate the dimensions and weight of my shipment?

At the beginning of the booking process, you must enter the dimensions and weight of your shipment. It is important at this point that in the dimensions and weight you include both your goods as well as the packaging used. The packaging also includes the pallet used.

Example: You are sending a packed washing machine with the dimensions 100 cm (length), 60 cm (width) and 80 cm (height). The weight is 250 kg. You decide on a Euro pallet for the transport and place the machine in the middle of the pallet.

In the booking process, you enter the basic dimensions of the Euro pallet (120 cm x 80 cm), as the machine does not protrude on the Euro pallet. The height of a Euro pallet is approx. 15 cm and must be added to the height of the machine. This means that the height to be entered in the booking process is 95 cm. Finally, the weight of the Euro pallet must also be added to the machine weight. On average, a Euro pallet weighs about 25 kg. The chargeable weight is therefore 275 kg.

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