Are my goods insured?

Many customers of freight forwarders are under the impression that their goods are insured by default. However, the standard forwarder's liability is not the same as shipping insurance.

We generally advise all our customers to select additional shipping insurance when booking and not to rely on forwarder's liability. The shipping insurance can be selected simply and easily when booking with Cargoboard.

One of the reasons we recommend shipping insurance is the liability limit.

Attention: There is a maximum liability amount for forwarder's liability that is relatively easy to estimate. The weight of the shipment is calculated *10 Euro. For a 100 kg shipment, the freight forwarder can therefore be liable for a maximum of approx. 1,000 euros.

If the value of the goods in the 100 kg shipment exceeds 1,000 euros, it is advisable to book a shipping insurance.

The cost of shipping insurance is 5.00 € per 1,000 € value of goods, but at least 5.50 €. We can offer you shipping insurance online for goods up to a total value of 250,000.00 €. Insurance for goods with a higher value can be requested individually at

Value of goods Insurance costs
1.000€ 5,50€
2.000€ 10,00€
3.000€ 15,00€
4.000€ 20,00€
4.500€ 22,50€

You can find a detailed comparison between forwarder's liability and shipping insurance here.